Started in:September 2003


Administered by:The Ministry of Education, P.R.China

Sponsored by:Tsinghua University

Subscription Price:RMB18 per issue



  Computer Education is a national journal published for the higher education staffs and students in computer science and technology, and the continuing education in the industry. It's been distributed at home and abroad and highly recommended by many organizations, including College Computer Teaching Guidance Committee, Association of National University Computing Education, Association of National University Fundamental Computing Education, China Computer Federation Technical Education Committee together with China Computer Users Association, and so on .To the present, it’s the only specialized journal focusing on computer education, with the features of professionalism, authority and practicality.


Director of Advisory Board: Prof. Yuanqing Zhou 

  Deputy Directors:

  Prof. Yaoxue Zhang  (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) 

  Prof. Fuqing Yang   (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences) 

  Director of Editorial Board: 

  Prof. Wei Li (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences) 

  Deputy directors: Prof. Lizhu Zhou, Prof. Jinsheng Jiao


Editor in Chief : Chunyan Xi(


Editorial Office:

Director:Yuanhong Peng(

Editors: Yuanhong Peng, Yiming Sun, Wenting Song, Kuo Zhao, Jie Bai

Marketing and Advertisement: Xin Chen,Jie Bai